Tutorial for the Do-It-Yourself Car Wash

Tutorial for the Do-It-Yourself Car Wash

Tutorial for the Do-It-Yourself Car Wash

Washing a car by hand has plenty benefits, besides to make the car look great, it also helps make the car’s paint last longer. Although it may be a necessary annoyance for some vehicle’s owners, for some others this act could be a pleasant summer ritual where they can also make this thing for a family sharing moment. Probably that sounds a bit odd, but it is true, you can wash your car with your children while teaching them some life lessons. Although the car wash seems to be woven into the fabric or the car culture, sometimes we don’t understand how to do it properly. Well, let’s find out whether we have done everything correctly in this tutorial for the do-it-yourself car wash.

Decide the right time to wash the car

Before stepping on the washing process, we need to know how to decide that the car needs washing. It sounds pretty simple maybe, in fact, dirty is not the only reason to wash the car. There is more than just simple aesthetics at work. Keeping the car clean is not only to improve the look but also to make it last longer. There are a much possible danger to the car’s paint and the clear coat out there like tar, bugs, and tree sap that can stain on it if they’are left in the vehicle. For additions, acidic rain also can leave a damaging residue on your car. The corrosive road salt, which can be present in the summer even accelerates rust and damage the paint. So, we need to know the right time to wash the car.

Washing car for some owners is probably something that should be done in such a commercial car wash that offering various services to take care of the car. Therefore, if you decide to wash the car by yourself, probably you have to ask a simple question why do you wash your car by yourself? That question has a very personal answer where some car owners enjoy this activity as a pleasant time, while the other some opt for this way because they don’t trust commercial car washes out there. Or probably they just do it by themselves because they don’t want to spend their money for something they can do it themselves. We don’t mind any reason to wash a car, as long as we are following the proper way and avoid any restriction.

Preparation for cleaning a car

Preparation for cleaning a car would be for yourself and the vehicle. For yourself, you should prepare an appropriate dress that you won’t be the mind of getting wet or dirty because washing a car won’t give you a chance to stay dry. For the car, you can start the preparation by parking the car in the shade because it will take a bit longer until you are stepping on the last part to be cleaned. Besides that, make sure that you have the windows rolled up correctly, and the doors closed tightly. Don’t forget to have it on the right day when you have enough time to do so. You know, hurrying through a car wash doesn’t work well for maintaining the car. The amount of time needed from set to clean up could vary depending on what you are planning to do, but a minimum of 30 minutes is about right for most owners.

For a proper car wash, you should prepare a few items to start the process. You’ll need an adjustable-flow nozzle that provides a power washer. Furthermore, you’d also need buckets, sponges, soap, towels, wheel brush, and cleaner. If you have extra time, you may need to prepare wax, clay bar, bug and tar remover, and interior tools for added treatment. Adding the latter items would require extra time.

Here we go, time to wash the car

If you have prepared everything you need to wash the car, follow the steps below to start the action:

  1. Use a full stream to do an initial rinse. You can start from the roof to the way down, and then pay more attention to the wheel wells and the underside of the car. It is one of the most important steps to rinse off heavy accumulations of dirt and road salt.
  2. Separately clean the wheels which can get particular dirt like road dirt from brake dust, and some others that can be particularly hard to remove. You can use a dedicated wheel cleaner if you have one to attack each wheel with lots of soap and also a small, stiff wheel cleaner brush to get into each corner and tight areas. We recommend you to use a dedicated sponge for cleaning the wheel so that you won’t give harm to the paint.
  3. Start the overall wash by wetting down the whole car again and then pick a medium sized area such a fender and wash it with a soapy sponge. You can use a back-and-forth motion for this move rather than circles. Prepare two buckets to enable you to rinse the dirty sponge before you use it for the next part. Once you have finished washing in one area, clean it thoroughly before you can move to the following area. Then, do the same steps to ensure you are not missing any spot.
  4. Dry the car by yourself using a chamois, towels, and such a thing that is safe for the car’s paint and then get to work drying the whole part of the vehicle. Dry the car quickly before it is drained by the air and left some water spots. Just in case there is some dried part, we the dry part again so you can dry it.

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